Huntsville Indoor Soccer Needs a Home

We love having soccer options for the adult community here in Huntsville. The North Alabama area is actually a bit spoiled, we have a pretty awesome outdoor league that has been established longer than most of the players have been alive, we have a few local tournaments, futsal, indoor, and plenty of pickup soccer options. With the unfortunate closing of D1 sports in Bailey Cove, Wanna Play? Sportsplex is temporarily without a home!!! Wanna Play? Sportsplex has been bringing Huntsville indoor soccer options for adults for the past couple of years. They have helped make sure their current teams have a home for now by working with NA Futsal and with Soccer Universe The goal has always been to get a real indoor soccer facility, which would be awesome for the area! I’ve lived in the area for over 20 years as an adult and have been involved in local soccer just as long and I’ve seen many people flirt with this idea. I even remember when we briefly had our own professional team (Huntsville Fire) and was briefly spoiled with being able to play indoor in a real facility. Wanna Play is pretty committed to making this a reality, hopefully in the short term! Here is what they are looking for:

Option 1: 20,000+/- sq ft “clearspan” warehouse (no support beams in the middle) for LEASE or sale.

(Must be minimum 70’ wide and ceiling height 20+ ft). Probably going to be old or in the country to get it for a doable price.)

Option 2: 1+ acre of land for sale or lease.

Preferably: already flat, no flooding, already paved or gravel, maybe even has lights. (This will help keep the construction cost low).

Option 3: an established business (maybe sports/fitness related) with land or space to spare. I have talked to alabama athletic club and madison golf center already.

Examples: old D1, an old business with a spare warehouse, like a lumberyard, an oversized parking lot like “at home” on north parkway (look for “sell on your own” car lots, or a farm with a large unused horse arena. I don’t know, get crazy with it!

Option 4: a soccer nut millionaire that just has an extra $500k laying around. Anyone know Ronaldo or Messi?

We are getting close. I just wanna make sure we get the best available option. Thanks for your help!

Derek is planning to be up and running again by December! If you know anybody that can help with any of these options and help keep Huntsville Indoor Soccer a reality, you can contact Derek Crawford either by phone (773-957-6850) or by checking them out on facebook and dropping a line. Below are a few images from their page that show what they are looking for and what they are trying to build:

Potential Indoor Soccer
Potential Indoor Soccer Facility
Example Huntsville Indoor Soccer
An example of a facility that they are looking to build to host indoor soccer!


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