MLS gaining on Yankees in attendance

The New York Yankees have overreacted to some recent statements from MLS commissioner Don Garber. Garber made some mention of empty seats at Yankee games, and Yankee president Randy Levine lashed out at Garber and the league in general. He made mention that the Yanks pull in more fans alone than the entire MLS does in a season, which is backed up in the article over on ESPN. Sounds like somebody is a little touchy about the empty seat issue in the new stadium.

I think that the Yankees even noticing the comments from MLS are an encouraging sign. The more media attention the league gets the better is my take. A little probing on Yankee attendance over on Baseball Almanac reveals that it took the New York Yankees nearly 90 years to surpass what MLS is pulling in attendance in just 13 years as a league. I’ve also read that MLS average attendance is comparable to the NHL and NBA. The league should pass the Yankees in the next few years hopefully at which point Don should make headlines with an announcement just to rub it in.


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