Needham Cup Draw

The Huntsville Adult Soccer League (HASL) this year has opened up a new competition in the style of the FA cup. The competition is separate from the regular league matches, and allows for any HASL team to enter the tournament. The tournament is setup to be single elimination, and is initiated by a blind draw which theoretically will allow for any team to take home the cup! The cup even has a title sponsor in one of Huntsville’s newest/oldest brewpubs – The Huntsville Brewery.

hsvbeerThe Needham Cup is named for HASL founder and President Pete Needham. I like to think of Pete as the godfather of soccer in North Alabama as he has been helping serve the area since 1979! The cup will take place over both the Fall and Spring season and will be scheduled into the regular play dates.

Last night was the blind draw up at Merrimack park and the draw couldn’t have been more brutal for my team. It looks like a lot of the premeir contenders will end up knocking each other out early! That’s what you hope for if you are the underdogs and is what makes a tournament like this so exciting. Here is the bracket after the draw…