Over 35 division. Old Dudes Rejoice!

HASL is forming an over 35 league this fall in an effort to expand the league and provide a different outlet for players to enjoy the game! Here is a little blurb from the league:

We are moving forward with plans for an Over-35 division that will begin play on Monday nights in the Fall.  Players can play in the Open Division and O-35 at the same time. We are working on a flyer to be sent out to captains and placed on the HASL website with details on how to enter a team and what players need to do to contact 0-35 Team Captains to get on their roster.  This may shake up the Open Divisions for next fall as some teams may move to O-35 all together and not play in the Open Division.  We will finalize at our Fall League Meeting during the summer.

 In an effort to support the league and because we’ve been asked several times in the past, we will be offering an Over 35 division in our  upcoming tournament! So old dudes (like both of us) can now enjoy the game at a competitive, but hopefully slower pace. It’s good to see Huntsville’s soccer options expanding.


Self proclaimed soccer nut.

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