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July 17-19th 2020 – 7-Aside Adult Soccer Tournament

Huntsville, AL 

adult soccer tournament
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$350 – last day to register is July 10th

**100% Refund if the tournament is cancelled**

Don’t know much about our soccer tournament? We have been doing this since 2007 and have helped put together over 25 events in that time. These soccer tournaments run like well oiled machines! We’ll be at Merrimack Park Turf Fields this year. Check out our faq, and tournament history for more info on the soccer tournament, questions on soccer tournament divisions, or why you should come to Huntsville. Lastly, we also have some pretty awesome shirts, check out why you should buy them, and then head over to our store and pick up some sweet merch.

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There should be some important links up top, or in the sidebar, be sure to look through all of those. Fill out the form below to register for the soccer tournament. But be sure you fill in all the fields, pick an appropriate division, and hit submit. Payment, unfortunately requires a second click. Fill in your team name and go out to Paypal to complete registration. We also accept (and actually prefer) physical checks sent via mail as we don’t have to pay the fees to paypal. But hey, we get it, convenience is awesome, just consider adding us to your bill pay, we’ve provided address deets below.


We are teaming up with PURE, which stands for People United Reaching Everyone, in order to bring healthy, organic, plant based performance to athletes, coaches and families in North Alabama.
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  • Tournament is July 17-18 2020 @ Merrimack Park in Huntsville
  • We are changing it up this year. We will start games on Friday night…and try to finish the tournament late Saturday…spill into Sunday if we have to.
    • We haven’t quite worked out the logistics, if you absolutely can’t play on Friday, let us know. We’ll try to avoid the heat as much as possible….but we may have to play a few in the sun.
  • Each team pays $350 (you can save $50 and only pay $300 if you register by June 26th)
  • Absolute Last day to register is July 10th
  • You will receive an email confirming your registration, and reminding you that we need your payment to finalize things.
  • Submit this form and then follow the paypal link below to complete registration (or mail a check)

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