Weekend Warrior 2011 Wrap Up

Another year, another set of new champions.

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Despite the horrible conditions on field #1 and #2, and the absolutely terrible weather on Saturday, we managed to finish off strong with a tremendous set of final matches.

The Open division was chock full of talent, with each division coming down to the wire in the standings.  The Law Dogs were in it to the very end, were it not for a goal from Schurke in the last 30 seconds of their final group game.

In the Rec division, there was a mountain of teams to overcome on their way to the final match, and the two teams that advanced did so in convincing fashion.  For the Rec semi finals; Digium came from behind to shock the Free Agents, and Dick’s Sporting Goods overcame Hogan’s Heroes in a classic tilt.

Open Division Final

Schurke (3) vs. Six Four Locos (2)

With Six Four Locos holding a 2-1 lead going into halftime and controlling much of the play, Schurke threw down the gauntlet in the 2nd half and rattled off two unanswered goals to take the Open Division Championship.  One of the more memorable scenes from the game was Six Four Loco’s Norbert Webley stripping the ball from an attacking player, deftly evading another sliding player all in one motion, while finally giving a captain’s salute to the crowd as the place erupted.  Well played!

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Rec Division Final

Dick’s Sporting Goods (6) vs. Digium (4)

Lead by one of the top scorers in group play, David Nuttal, Digium charged ahead to a 4-1 lead in the first half.  However, it appears that fatigue began to set in for Digium’s torrid pace, as they were overcome with wave after wave of relentless attacks in the 2nd half from Dick’s Sporting Goods to completely reverse the game with a 6-4 thriller.

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So, that puts another tournament into the record books.  Thanks to everyone for playing, and we’ll see you all in July for our Annual Rocket City Invitational!

Enjoy the Pics Below. We are cookin’ up a new 1-day event for the May timeframe, so stay tuned!

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