Weekend Warrior Info


It’s finally here!!! Waiting out what the weather was going to do was making us sweat, but it looks like things are looking good and while we might get a little wet, we may break into the 70’s this weekend. So now that we are here, what’s next?

Check here for Rules

Weekend Warrior Waiver

Weekend Warrior Schedule


Day 2:

Congrats to all the winners. Thanks for coming out everyone, write-up to come soon.

2 goals 1 cup in Rec Fun A (4-3 win over Manchesthair)

Lake Forest in Rec Fun B (8-2 win over Whiskey Unicorn Allstar Ex-Pros)

Iguana Old School in Over 35 (5-4 win over Old 97’s)

Gryffindor in Rec Competitive (4-0 win over Bro-kin-toe)

Haven’t got a Kahlua in Womens (5-2 win over Combat Squirrels)

Law Dogs in Open (4-3 win over Schurke)


Day 1 Results:

16722725_10154915261138116_8668789680172390245_o 16716127_10154915261003116_239033108731301177_o 16707259_10154915261303116_8843121910374224001_o 16700699_10154915261258116_5592010211656697470_o 16665767_10154915261143116_6819897725273325676_o 16665186_10154915261313116_241752988409734673_o 16601819_10154915261153116_7157852055085468132_o 16601591_10154915261008116_2354815153388896838_o



Instructions for Game Day:

  • Show up to the tent to sign in and get a wrist band and sign a waiver if you did not do so online. Referees will not allow you to play without one.
  • Make sure you know your team name and captain’s name. If you come to the registration tent without these…we can’t really help you.
  • Print out the waiver above, sign it and bring it if you didn’t do so online.
  • Show up early! With 7 games going on at any given time, there will be up to 14 teams trying to register which means a potential of 196 people trying to get through registration in the span of 60 minutes. The magic workers at the tent will be stressed trying to get you to your game…don’t add to the stress.
  • Have fun! Relax, it’s just soccer. We don’t want any fights…if you do, we’ll ask you to leave.
  • Buy a shirt!
  • Here is our field map. We’ll be over by Fields 1 and 3.