Weekend Warrior Wrap Up

Well it wasn’t pretty, but this year’s on again off again tournament limped to the finish line. Moved a week because of weather, canceled, and then revived, the weekend warrior found a way to finish.Down to two divisions, rec fun and rec competitive, the field was a little bit smaller, but the love of the game was apparent as players braved the cold and arctic winds on Saturday. The players were rewarded with a beautiful sunny day on Sunday as the tournament wrapped up.

Both finals proved to be low scoring affairs as Bro-kin-toe eeked out a win in the rec final over Nutmeg manifesto.

 In the rec fun, lil squirts battled through golden goal overtime and 8 pk shots to finally pull out the win over the Expendables.



With the open folding, and 4 teams dropping their was an influx of quality players moving into the lower divisions that may have caused some competition gaps in the rec fun. We strive to keep the competition level even and will be looking at ways to even up the competition so it is fun for everyone. If you have ideas, questions, comments, feel free to let us know with a comment, or email us info@southernsoccer.net