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Weekend Warrior – Feb 3-4th, 2024 – 7-aside adult tournament

Divisions include: Open, Women, Rec, Co-ed, Over-30, Over-40, and Over-50

Can’t find a team? Your team not have enough? We know how it is! Cheer up! Maybe we can help out. Submit the form below and perhaps teams can combine, or enough people register to form a free-agent team. At the very least, we’ll pass along to captains.

Note: all players will need to be registered through the state of Alabama (Gotsports). This provides insurance and helps with sanctioning of the tournament. If you played in HASL this past fall 2023, you are covered. Otherwise this cost is $18. Additionally, you will have fees to cover your team entry fee, typically around $25. That will either be paid to Weekend Warrior or to your captain depending on the situation.


    Did you play in HASL, Homewood, or La Liga in the Fall of 23?

    What division are you interested in? Check all that apply.
    OpenWomenOver-30Over-40Over-50Rec CompRec FunCo-Ed

    There should be a pretty little green box that pops up after you hit ‘send’. If not, shoot us an email at

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