Summer Weekend Warrior Registration


Tournament registration for the Definitive Valuations Weekend Warrior 7-aside summer tournament – July 19-21, 2024.

Waitlist: Rec Fun (if we get 2 more teams, you’re in)

Need: 1 team each in Open, Women, Co-ed

Don’t have a team – register as a player here

Register your team today for the Definitive Valuations Weekend Warrior 7-aside summer tournament – July 19-21, 2024. 

Potentially 1 game Friday Night, 2-3 games on Saturday and second round matches on Sunday if you make it. We are a sanctioned tournament, so you’ll need to be a registered player to play. If you can’t play Friday, just message us and we’ll work with you on the schedule. 

Early Bird is open now until June 7th! Save $50 today.

Absolute last day to register is Friday June 28th!

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There should be some important links up top, or in the sidebar, be sure to look through all of those. If you prefer to just send us a check, add THIS to your cart and send the check in the mail. 

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  • Tournament is set for July 19-21 2024 @ Merrimack Park in Huntsville
  • Loose schedule – Each team will play 1 games on Friday, 2-3 on Saturday , Sunday if you advance.
  • Each team pays $400 – ($350 for early bird)
  • Absolute Last day to register is Friday June 28th, 2024

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