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7-Aside Rules

These 7-Aside soccer rules have been honed since 2007 and proven out over dozens of tournaments that we have put together. As something comes up, we add a rule. Have a question about 7-Aside soccer rules? Leave a comment below or for more general information about our tournaments, check out our FAQ.

Roster Rules

Roster Size
Maximum of 16 players

Rosters Freeze
10 days prior to tournament start a team must have at least 10 players registered and on their official roster or risk forfeiting their spot in the tournament.

3 days prior to tournament start, rosters will be locked for official printing.

Player Registration
Players must be registered with ASA to play in the tournament. If you play in any ASA sanctioned league within the state of Alabama, your player registration through Gotsports will be used (i.e. – HASL).

For other non registered players, a one-time registration fee will be required through Gotsports.

For players registered with an out-of-state USASA sanctioned organization, ASA registration will be required prior to the tournament, but a refund will be issued after proof of registration through USASA is provided. Player Registration Fees are currently $18 as of 2023.

Multiple Roster Rules
Players may only be on one roster within a division.

Players may register on teams in different divisions.

Other Roster Rules
Women can play in all divisions

Players must be 18 years old by tournament start date

Age restricted divisions – player must turn the appropriate age in the calendar year

Co-ed teams must field 2 women players

Captains will receive 6 official copies of their rosters from the tournament directors upon check in.

Captains will give an official roster to referee prior to the start of each match.

Referees and Tournament officials reserve the right to request player card or photo identification at any time during the tournament with respect to rosters.

Roster Shenanigans
Breaking any roster rules will result in at least a forfeit (3-0 loss) of the match in question and may incur more penalties at the discretion of the tournament directors. Multiple roster infractions may incur additional penalties.

Point System

Win – 3 points
Tie – 1 points
Loss – 0 points
Forfeits are recorded as a 3-0 win
Max Points: 3 per match
Tie Breakers

  • Points
  • Head to Head
  • Goal differential
  • Goals For
  • Coin Toss
  • Goals Against

Game Play

The FIFA Laws of the game shall apply except as noted in this document.

Duration and Overtime Rules
Each game shall consist of two 22-minute halves, with a 5 minute half-time.

There is no overtime in group-play games.

Knock-out games include 1 10-minute golden goal period. If no team scores during this period, the game will go to penalty kicks.

There will only be one referee per match.

No protests will be allowed. All decisions by the referee and tournament directors are final.

Late Start/Forfeit
Teams are allowed a 5 minute grace-period from the scheduled kick-off time and must have at least 4 players to start a match. After this period is up a forfeit shall be awarded to the opposing team.

A forfeit is recorded as a 0-3 loss against the team forfeiting.

The referees and tournament directors have the discretion to shorten matches due to a late kickoff, weather events, or other unforeseen circumstances. Referees will notify team captains prior to the start of the match or new half if a match is being shortened. Only a tournament director can cancel a match.

Each team shall have only seven players (including the goalie) on the field at one time.

A team needs a minimum of 4 players to start/continue a match.

All players are required to wear shin guards.

Teams are required to wear uniform shirts of the same color when on the field. Each team should bring alternate uniforms.

Teams are required to wear uniforms with numbers on the back.

Field of Play
The field will be approximately 60 yards by 40 yards or smaller.

Goals will be either 8’x24′ or 7’x21′

Team benches shall be on the same side of the field.

Penalty Kicks, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks
The penalty spot will be 12 yards from the goal line for 8’x24′ goals, 10 yards for 7’x21′.

On a free kick, the opposing player must be at least 8 yards from the ball.

There are no offsides infractions.

Substitutions are made on the fly at any point in a match and do not require the referee’s approval or stoppage of the match.

A player must be off the field before the substitute can enter the field.

All substitutions should take place within 5 yards of the center half on one side of the field.
There are no limits to the number of substitutions made during the course of the game.

A goalie change must occur during a stoppage and requires the referee’s assistance to stop the game during the change.

All teams should report to the fields regardless of the weather unless informed otherwise by the tournament directors (or weather is life threatening). Only referees and/or tournament director may cancel or postpone a match. If at least eleven minutes of the second-half of a match has been completed and then terminated due to weather, the game is official and the score recorded.

Other Rules
FIGHTING will not be tolerated. A player red carded for fighting or violent conduct shall be banned from play for the remainder of the tournament for all teams they play for.
Normal red cards, follow normal rules, you sit out the next game for the team you were red carded for.

Each team is responsible for the actions of its players, managers, and fans. Any team or associated members causing termination of a match by the referee shall receive no points for the terminated game and may have points deducted from the overall standings. Three points toward the standings may be awarded to the opposing team for the termination. Any further misconduct may result in expulsion from the tournament.

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