2015 Rocket City Invitational Review

Quite possibly the hottest tournament on record…ever. Why July? We were paid to do a dry run for the Qatar 2022 World Cup to see how soccer would work out in this kind of heat. To your credit, we had a record 40 teams this year which is making us wonder where we are going to fit everybody going forward. We may have to move venues to accommodate next year. Saw many people catching shade in the mist tent and probably counted at least 20 of the pop up tents around the fields. Special thanks to our sponsors Forevergreen Landscaping and Balanced Tax and Accounting for supporting local soccer. If you aren’t considering them for your Lawncare or Accounting needs…shame on you! (part of our sponsorship package is to shame people into using their services).

fg_adWhile we were almost able to pull together both Over-35, Co-Ed, and Women’s Fun, we still haven’t quite crossed the threshold to sustain those divisions. Our Rec Fun division (21 teams) is the catch all, but the competition still varies and we feel that some teams are out of place. We’ll continue to try and even up the competition, but we rely on the captains to place themselves in the right division.


tax_logoNow onto the results!

Open featured 4 teams, with stalwarts Law Dogs, and 3 newcomers in Window World, WIP, and the Huntsvillians. The Huntsvillians actually thought they were joining a rec division, so kudos to them for sticking it out and taking their lumps. They held their own, scored a few goals, and looked like they were having fun.

The lady gunners ended up taking the Womens division, Schurke captured the Rec Competitive, and Rec Fun was so big we split it into 2 divisions and The Other Guys and Amigos took home the gold.

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Thanks again to everyone for coming out and see you next year!!!!