Weekend Warrior Day 1

Day started with some sleet, but it quickly dissipated and the action got started at 9. Below are the seedings and schedule for Sunday. Also below are pictures of all the standings. Thanks for sticking with us and we look forward to a fun day of action tomorrow.

Women and Rec Competitive still have a match before seeding.
Open Division
  1. Fast Alex (bye)
  2. RCU Reserves
  3. Schurke
  4. Law Dogs
  5. Ray Finkle Apologists
RCU vs Schurke ( Field 1 at 11:00am)
Law Dogs vs Ray Finkle Apologists (Field 2 at 11:00am)
Rec Fun
We had a tie Breaker in Rec fun for first place. Same Points, same goal differential, goals for/against and no head to head…so it came down to a coin toss. Lame I know, but it is what it is. Here are the seedings
  1. Norfolk and Chance (bye)
  2. FC International
  3. Kick In the Grass
  4. Cloud 9
  5. Lake Forest FC
  6. SSC
  7. Chivas
  8. Earmuffs
  9. Raytheon
FC International vs Chivas (10:00am on Field 4)
Kick in the Grass vs SSC (11:00am on Field 3)
Cloud 9 vs Lake Forest (11:00am on Field 4)
Earmuffs vs Raytheon (12:00pm on Field 3)
Sorry for all the rematches. Odd that it worked out that way!




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