Day 1 in the books

It was a long one today! Here are the standings after day 1.

For the odd number divisions, here are the current standings for seeding. Check the schedule for your time, field assignment, and opponent. If we have bad weather (lightning) tomorrow afternoon we will delay and finish the games when we can. Let’s hope for the best! Looks like we’ll be clear at least until around noon.

Rec Fun
1) Pelotas Azul (bye)
2) Nudist on strike
3) Lol
4) Earmuffs
5) Chivas
6) Lake Forest FC
7) Woodpeckers
8) Raytheon
9) SSC

Rec Comp
1) Schurke (bye)
2) RCU Reserves B
3) Schurke Young Guns
4) LFC
5) Day Beach
6) Turtles
7) bro-kin-toe

1) RCU Reserves A (bye)
2) 10 Guys & Mike
3) Donald’s Kids